It was founded in 2015 by David, an animal lover. His first experience with cat toilet training started in 2012. He decided to toilet train his two cats after facing the troubles of maintaining a litter box at home.

This training changed everything. A cat litter box is extremely troublesome. It is not hygienic as you quickly find dirty litter over your sofa and kitchen counter. It is costly to buy cat litter. It takes valuable space. And most importantly, it’s horrible to clean.

More and more people live in small apartments nowadays, and the hassle of a litter box is so considerable that it prevents many people from adopting cats.

But, it’s only when David researched about the production and disposal of kitty litter that he realized how badly cat litter impacted our environment.

Three years later (and a great amount of support from family and friends), he decided to do something about it and help make a change in this world.

And The Last Litter was born.


The impact of cat litter on the environment and cat’s health is not well known by the public. Most of us are unaware that litter has a massive toll on the environment and that some litter chemicals even affect cat’s health.


Every year, we produce and waste 20 to 25 million tons of cat litter. Most of it is made of natural clay (also known as sodium bentonite) which is extracted by strip mining, a destructive process that wipes out millions of acres of land and removes millions of tons of earth. Even methods marketed as sustainable (wood-based or plant-based) often generate deforestation and disruption in our ecosystem in a manner that is not bearable for the environment.

The disposal of litter makes the matter worse. It mostly accumulates into landfills even though most cat litter contains non-biodegradable materials and sometimes even health-hazardous substances.

Cat’s health

When using the litter box, cats inhale the fine particles of sodium bentonite or sodium silicate that is found in natural clay and silica-based litters. When hitting the lungs, those particles are known to cause asthma and other lung illnesses. As cats also ingest the litter while cleaning their paws, it also affects their digestive system and leaves very fine particles in their internal organs. Those substances have been linked to various forms of diseases like lung cancer, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.



Provide the best cat toilet training solution to make every home cat litter free.


Make a difference in the world by protecting the environment and our pet’s health.

When you buy one Last Litter and toilet train 1 cat, you save 3 m² of forest from destruction,
1 tree from deforestation and 3.5 tons of earth from strip mining.

And together we can make a difference: 1,000,000 cats trained
saves 3,000,000 m² of forest, 1,000,000 trees and 3,500,000 tons of earth.