Why is it more hygienic to toilet train your cat rather than to use a litter box?
  • The litter box: Research has shown that litter boxes are often filled with a number of harmful bacteria. After use, cats will often spread litter and germs over the kitchen counter, the living room, and your bedroom.
  • Toilet trained cat: As there is no need for litter, dirt and germs cannot be spread over your home anymore. Besides, your own toilet is cleaner and better maintained than a litter box.
When can I start the training?

We recommend starting the toilet training when cats are older than three months and are already litter box trained.

How long does it take?

On average, the training lasts from 3 to 7 weeks depending on your cat’s learning abilities. This is an average timeframe; some cats succeed in less than two weeks, some take a little longer than 7 weeks. After the training, your cat will not need The Last Litter anymore!

During the training, can I use the same toilet as my cat?

Yes, The Last Litter was created to allow you to safely and hygienically remove the training kit so you can have the toilet for your personal usage. Only pregnant or nursing women should take some precautions and consult a physician when sharing the same toilet

When the cat has completed the training, do I still need to keep The Last Litter on the toilet seat?

No, The Last Litter is only used during the training. Once the training is finished, you can remove the product entirely.

My cat is not progressing, what should I do?

The Last Litter has been specially designed to help cats which may find toilet training a challenge.

  • Go back a step or two with the backup blue tray if your cat is having trouble with the training.
  • If necessary, start the training by placing the backup blue tray inside the toilet bowl to cover the flush water.

Maintain the tray at this position until the cat is comfortable and then remove it. Indeed, some cats are not comfortable with water, and it takes time for them to get accustomed to it.

What if I have to train multiple cats at the same time?

The training works for multiple cats. Consider the following tips:

  • Allow more time (2 weeks per step): you will need to allow more training time. Indeed, all your cats must be comfortably adjusted to each step of the training before moving to a next step. Monitor the slowest cat to determine the overall speed of progress. Be patient, and consider 1 to 2 weeks in each step.
  • Keep it clean: Make sure to clean The Last Litter very regularly. If left unclean, your cats might fail the training. No one wants to use a dirty toilet – even your cats.
  • Before the training, prepare your cats to share a litter box: If your cats will share the same toilet, allow them time to share the same litter box first.
My cat is already trained, but I am moving house, what should I do?

Always keep The Last Litter handy in case you need to get your cats accustomed to a new place. You can simply start from the last step of the training for a week until your cat recognizes its new toilet.

Can I leave on holiday during the training?

We strongly recommend that you start toilet training your cat only when you have enough time at home to monitor your cat’s progress (allowing time for your cat’s adjustment at each step) and to clean the litter regularly.

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Toilet training is not recommended for cats suffering from illnesses (such as urinary tract infections or arthritis), for pregnant or nursing cats.

Precaution must be taken for pregnant or nursing women. Please consult your physician before toilet training your cat.