Phase 1

Place The Last Litter on your toilet and cover it with flushable cat litter.

Your cat will find it natural to relieve its waste in it.

Phase 2

Thanks to the 3-rings system, you can then gradually remove The Last Litter by opening and enlarging a hole in its center every 1 to 2 weeks.

Phase 3

Remove The Last Litter entirely.

Your cat is trained!

About the last litter

The Last Litter is a training kit designed to train your cat to use a human toilet.

We created The Last Litter in collaboration with animal behaviorists. It is based on a proven methodology which relies on cats’ natural instinct to hide the scent of their waste.

The technique works with cats of any age and even multiple cats as it is based on a fundamental learning principle, Classical Conditioning, which was developed by the renowned psychologist Ivan Pavlov.

It simply works with any cat, even the stubborn ones.